Cowboys 2009 Week-by-Week Predictions

Posted by SuckaFish

Here are the official SuckaFish picks for the Cowboys season.

Date Opponent Pick
Sun, Sept 13 @ Tampa Bay Win
Sun, Sept 20 NY Giants Loss
Mon, Sept 28 Carolina Win
Sun, Oct 4 @ Denver Win
Sun, Oct 11 @ Kansas City Win
Sun, Oct 18 Bye I watch Red Zone Channel all day
Sun, Oct 25 Atlanta Loss
Sun, Nov 1 Seattle Win
Sun, Nov 8 @ Philadelphia Loss
Sun, Nov 15 @ Green Bay Loss
Sun, Nov 22 Washington Win
Thurs, Nov 26 Oakland Win
Sun, Dec 6 @ New York Giants Win
Sun, Dec 13 San Diego Win
Sat, Dec 19 @ New Orleans Loss
Sun, Dec 27 @ Washington Win
Sun, Jan 3 Philadelphia Win

So they end up 11-5. I don’t love every single pick (I feel like they could win the home opener against the Giants but then I’d have them going into the bye week 5-0) but that’s the record I thought they’d have. They are who I thought they were. Or who I hope they’ll be.



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3 responses to “Cowboys 2009 Week-by-Week Predictions

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  2. L Jack

    Wow, that’s blind homerism that you don’t see much around these parts – except when you listen to Czaban on the radio.

    Question for you to ponder – is it ever socially acceptable to drive around with football-themed flags hanging out your window? I say no.

    • swagless

      First on the flag question, absolutely not. I’m embarrassed by how many I see on the way to Terps games.

      As for the homerism, maybe but I think it’s pretty realistic and here’s why. Last year they were 9-7 with a couple of last second losses and one in OT. They went 9-7 with the following players hurt for at least part of the year: Romo, Witten, Barber, and Felix Jones. They’re all 100% healthy as the season starts. At the end of the season the media blamed TO for the collapse. They got rid of him and now everyone says they can’t make up for the loss of TO. I think getting all of those players healthy again more than makes up for it. I feel like the Jones is a game changer on offense and special teams. If he changes one result with a return or a run and the new stadium helps change the momentum on another suddenly they’re 11-5.

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