Humpday Headlines: Cowboys Stadium Is Sexy

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Cowboys Stadium Is Christened
Terence Newman wasn’t the only one who scored during the fourth quarter of the game Monday night. Apparently a couple of love birds took the opportunity to express their emotions in a physical way at Cowboys Stadium. Yeah, it looks like they went to an oversized john designed for a person with a disability and had sex. On the floor. Of a public bathroom in a stadium that holds more than 100,000 people. Of course a crowd gathered outside and a cell phone camera caught them in the act.

Felix Jones Out and Fined
Sources say he is going to miss the Denver game, at least.

The league has fined him for a leg whip against the Panthers. That makes perfect sense given that HE NEVER ACTUALLY TOUCHED ANYONE.

Another Job Lost
Looks like the great cornerback experiment is over. The Cowboys will stop alternating starts between Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick.

Jason Garrett Is Innovative
Here’s a novel idea for the league’s top rushing offense. When you’re at the one, run!

Flozell Fined Again
He kept his streak alive. Three games, three fines. Learn all about it in another completely fact-based and unbiased report from Pro Football Talk.


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