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And the Pulitzer Goes to …

Posted by SuckaFish

The Washington Post.

The Cowboys game wasn’t on TV here in Redskin country. I saw some highlights on SportsCenter and figured there’d be a couple of paragraphs in the Post before the game aired on the NFL Network Sunday afternoon. Here’s what the Post had to say about the game:

COWBOYS: San Francisco’s Andy Lee hit one of the video boards hanging above the field at Dallas’s new stadium with a punt during pregame warmups Saturday night, the Associated Press reported.

The NFL announced Friday it wouldn’t force the Cowboys wouldn’t be forced to raise the video boards, which reportedly hang 90 feet above the field, this season.”

Where do I start. Two paragraphs about the game would be bad enough, but they don’t even mention the score. The entire thing is about a punt hitting the scoreboard during warmups, NOT A GAME, warmups. For a preseason game. And what’s with the “reportedly”? Like they’re lying about how high it is. And the passive aggressive “this season” at the end. Like they’re going to let the Cowboys get away with it for now, but just you wait.

Oh, and yes, the two full sentences included the phrase “it wouldn’t force the Cowboys wouldn’t be forced.” Ben Bradlee would be rolling in his grave. You know, if he were dead.



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Hope This Kickoff Doesn’t Hit the Scoreboard

Posted by SuckaFish

Redskins fans hate the Cowboys. They hate their fans. They even hate the colors.

I’m a Cowboys fan and for most of my life I’ve lived in the DC area. This blog is part of the SWAGLESS network and in it I’ll give you news and opinions about both teams, the league in general, and the secret cabal of Dallas fans in the nation’s capital.

Oh, and if the league says you can’t hang a screen less than 85 feet above the field and you hang it 90 above the field, then you’re in the right.

If the league says they’ve created new rules for when punts hit the scoreboard and they’re the exact same rules they had a week ago, then Goodell is just covering his ass.

If Mike Florio says the league is buzzing over preferential treatment for the Cowboys but doesn’t name any of his sources, it’s because he hates the Cowboys and is once again putting his personal slant on an otherwise informative blog.

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