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Week 6 NFL Picks: Me vs. a Two Year Old

Posted by SuckaFish

Each week I’ll be picking games in a head-to-head competition with an intellectual equal, my two-year-old daughter. I put the logos of the two teams playing each other on the screen and she pointed to (this week there was a lot of “go away bird” or “go away man”) the team she prefers.

Two weeks ago I went 10-3 and she went 7-6. Last week it was 9-5 for me, 6-8 for her. Basically, she’s not very good at this and if it keeps up I’ll have to start picking against one of the dogs or something.

After four weeks of picks here are the records:
The Kid 34-25
SuckaFish 42-17

Game SuckaFish Two-Year-Old Daughter
Browns @ Steelers Steelers Browns
Texans @ Bengals Bengals Texans
Giants @ Saints Saints Saints
Chiefs @ Redskins Redskins Redskins
Lions @ Packers Packers Lions
Panthers @ Buccaneers Panthers Panthers
Rams @ Jaguars Jaguars Rams
Ravens @ Vikings Vikings Ravens
Eagles @ Raiders Eagles Eagles
Cardinals @ Seahawks Cardinals Cardinals
Bills @ Jets Jets Bills
Titans @ Patriots Patriots Titans
Bears @ Falcons Bears Bears
Broncos @ Chargers Chargers Broncos

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